TFP or Time For Prints

Great locations often have fun stuff hanging around...

"The term 'time for prints' is a throw-back to the age of film photography, when photographers would actually provide prints to their models in echange for their time. It's a digital world now, so it has taken on new meanings."

- Miles Overn, Photographer

When it was first introduced, the term and the agreement allowed photographers and models to exchange their services at no direct cost to each other.

Of course there were and still are often many other costs incured by both the photographer (studio time, equipment rental or purchase, crew, etc.) and the model (wardrobe, hair, makeup, etc.) but the mechanism allows each a way to keep costs to a minumum.

Models appreciate TFP as a means to grow their portfolio at very little cost. The trade off for them is that in most TFP arrangements all the rights and copyright remain with the photographer. It is, however, common for photographers to allow models to use the images for their online portfolios and promotional print materials, but use for commercial purposes is usually prohibited.

Photographers likewise can use TFP either to build their portfolios or to execute specific projects that have little or no budget. For them, the trade off is often working with inexperienced models who need to be guided to a far greater degree, and with less assurance of success.

We enjoy working with new models providing they bring an openness to learning and direction, and who respect any conditions we might stipulate for their use of our photos.

In almost all cases, for us, we have a few things that are deal breakers when it comes to these shoots. Models receiving images are required to include our copyright notice on every use of every image, and edits of any sort are strictly forbidden. It is way too easy for a non-photographer to destroy an image through everything from cropping to applying filters for social media sites. Trust us, we have both of our interests at heart.

It is important to understand that TFP agreements can vary greatly, even between different projects with the same photographer. Meet with your photographer ahead of time. Discuss the shoot, and what you will recieve for your participation in it. And please be patient after the shoot as we are often editing images from earlier shoots in the days immediately following yours.

Please view our page covering default terms for TFP sessions.

Working with new models can be so much fun. Text us or message us on facebook if you're interested.

Some examples of our TFP sessions.

Girl Next Door

Beautiful young woman, distressed old farm building. What's not to like?

Girl Next Door

Needed this shoot for my portfolio. Perfect model, who's now working constantly!

Girl Next Door

Torn jeans, antique truck, beautiful young woman.

Becoming a model.

Want to be a model? No idea where or how to start! Don't want to go broke trying.

Few fields seem as glamorous for a young person to enter as modeling. From the outside it looks like nothing but fun, but the way in seems impossible to find. What do you have to know? Who do you have to know? How do you get your foot in the door? These are just a few of the questions you may have. We can certainly help you approach your entrance. Our TFP sessions provide you with high quality images to start or build your portfolio with. Yes, we can build a complete portfolio for and with you, but a simple TFP session may be just the right way for you to tip your toe in, so to speak.

  • We prefer to sit down with you before we even book a first shoot to get to know you.
  • We want to develop relationship and trust to help build confidence.
  • We're happy to answer any of your questions, and will even tell you when we don't know the answers.
  • If you're under 18, we insist on a parent or gaurdian being present.
  • We will ask you for certain basic stats, such as age and measurements, to help us plan a shoot.