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Girl Next Door
Shae M

7 September 2018 in Genres, Girl Next Door

Equipment: Canon EOS 7D, Canon 100-400mm, 24mm

Location: Kelowna, British Columbia

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... remarkably polished young model ...

Girl Next Door Photo of Shae M by Miles Overn Photography
Girl Next Door Photo of Shae M by Miles Overn Photography

This was an early September girl next door shoot in Kelowna with a remarkably polished young model on a farm that I know well. Her stunning eyes and beautiful face pulled me into the shoot and the afternoon became a single moment of photographic adventure and creativity. As much as I like the silhouette and the photos from inside the barn, I find the close-up shot most beguiling.

The light shifted constantly during the shoot due to mixed skys. When the sun was out in the open we had ample sunlight to work with. When it tucked itself in behind a cloud, that provided a different atmosphere that was equally appealing to shoot in.

While not having much modeling experience, Shae possesses an inate knack of posing and a broad range of facial expressions. She was brought to the shoot by a fellow photographer and we both came out of the afternoon with some wonderful photos.