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Girl Next Door
Montana R

23 October 2016 in Portfolio, Girl Next Door

Equipment: Canon EOS 7D, Canon 100-400, Canon 24

Location: Kelowna, British Columbia

Girl Next Door: Packages starting at $ 350.00

Spent an October afternoon with Kelowna model Montana R doing a girl next door photo shoot in one of my absolute favorite outdoor locations. Placing such an attractive young model into a rustic setting complete with distressed farm buildings, antique vehicles and equipement, and even old bicycles and wheels of all sizes and types allowed for a wide variety of shots capturing different aspects of the model's beauty and shape.

We had great light for the shoot as the sky was a mix of clouds and sunshine. Watching the changing conditions informed each series of shots and impacted each indiviual photo as positioning the model in that light became a game of millimeters to get the perfect interplay of light and shadow, not just on the model, but also on the other subject matter in the shot.

Montana was a true pleasure to work with. She is a poised and articulate young woman who is experienced enough and engaging enough to take direction well and both hit the poses I was looking for and move between them with ease and grace. I met her on a commercial shoot earlier in the year and immediately saw her in these poses at this location.