About Miles Overn Photography

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"Photography is so more than just a passion to me, it actually feels more like a calling. To capture the essence of the subject at the deepest possible level calls out to me and draws me in; into the subject, into the scene, and into the moment..."

- Miles Overn, Photographer

A good photographer is one who is passionate about his craft. Miles Overn is one of those photographers

Overn has been a photographer and photojournalist for over three decades now. As a teen he was thrilled to shoot stars like Kris Kristofferson, Gordon Lightfoot, Shawn Phillips, and countless others.

In the ’80s he moved to the west coast and discovered he loved to work in other areas of the music industry. Overn booked concerts, managed venues, played in bands and took thousands of photos of musicians in action in the vibrant Vancouver and lower mainland music scene.

In the mid ’90s, Overn moved to the Okanagan where he embraced other types of photography including wedding photography, boudoir and glamour photography, and festival and event photography.

If you hear music playing, chances are you’ll find Overn nearby. He has shot hundreds of thousands of photos of thousands of artists and bands all over the western half of North America. You’ll find him in small venues and large arenas shooting the likes of U2, Rihanna, George Thorogood, John Mellencamp, Motley Crüe, Brad Paisley, Toby Keith, Robben Ford, Lee Ritenour, BB King, John Butler, Johnny Lang and Chris Botti. Some of his favourite shots were taken in famed jazz venues such as Catalina’s in West Hollywood, and Jazz Alley in Seattle.

When he isn’t behind the camera, you will probably find him playing music. Overn believes his years as a musician give him an advantage over other photographers. He is recognized for his style of extreme close-ups and his ability to capture the essence of an artist in the act of performing their craft. He’s always thrilled when artists contact him to let him know fans around the world have seen his photos.

Overn’s work can be seen in posters, CD/DVD covers and booklets, social media sites and websites everywhere. When you need someone with a true passion for photography - Miles Overn is the one to contact.

I have photographed thousands of musicians and bands at concerts across North America

I also enjoy wedding photography, boudoir and glamour photography, as well as travel photography

Concert Photography

My greatest passion. Capturing great musicians and bands in the act of living out their gifting.

Wedding Photography

I accept a very few weddings over the course of the year. When I do shoot them though, I'm looking for the magical moments.

Boudoir & Glamour Photography

Simply love the process of helping women embrace their beauty and express it freely and comfortably.

Other Photography

Everything from Street to Urb-Ex to Travel...

A little about my gear.

I am so not a gearhead when it comes to my photography. Still, I know what I like and why I pull certain glass or modifiers or bodies for certain gigs.

Just as in other art forms where it is more about the artist than it is about the tools they are using, I have managed to capture some great shots over the years on less than ideal gear. There are even photos I've taken with my phone that people simply will not believe weren't taken with something more. It's a visual art, so try to embrace and enhance your artistry at every turn. It's really about learning to see.

  • My main camera body is still my Canon 7D with the battery grip. It goes with me everywhere.
  • I carry an extra Canon 7D and often have it around my neck as well as my main 7D.
  • My main concert lens is my Canon 100-400. Also in the bag are a 24, a 50 and a 18-135..
  • I pack a 600 EX-RT flash unit, a Metz soft box and a Flash Bender as well as assorted other modifiers.
  • My Joby sling strap is still my fav. I just love the way I can tromp around all weekend at a festival and never feel the weight of my body and glass.